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NY Jets RB

This morning's New York Post has a revealing article on second-year running back Cedric Houston.

In it, he states his desire to be the top RB for the Jets, and barring a trade, I expect he will win that job.

To quote:

"I definitely feel I can be an every-down back and start in this league," Houston said....

The second-year back (6 foot, 220 pounds) started the final four games of the 2005 season after Martin was shut down with loose cartilage in his right knee. Houston finished with 302 rushing yards on 81 carries for a 3.7-yard average.

And I wouldn't expect much better than that average yards per rush.  The Jets passing game will not be strong enough to prevent opposing defenses from putting eight men in the box.

A rough guess of his best-case production would be Karim Abdul-Jabaar, Miami Dolphins 1996 - 307 ATT 1106 Yds.  The 11 TDs?  I'm not sure the Jets will score that many combined!