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Eric Hinske

The Red Sox have reportedly acquired Blue Jays OF Eric Hinske in exchange for a couple mid-level prospects.

Given the Red Sox wanted a left-handed bat, this is a good deal.  Hinske can fill-in at 1B/3B/OF which should provide the opportunities for ABs than he was receiving in Toronto.

The Red Sox stood idle at the July 31st non-waivers trading deadline but have made-up ground through the first two and a half weeks of August by acquiring hitting assistance in the form of former orioles' catcher Javy Lopez and now former Toronto OF Eric Hinske in exchange for very little.  Not as little as the Yanks gave-up for Bobby Abreu, Cory Lidle and Craig Wilson, but little nonetheless

The Red Sox have done a great job in the post-July 31st trading market.