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In yesterday's second consecutive blow-out at the hands of the Phils, the running-away-with-it Mets lost 11-4.

In that game, Ryan Howard failed to hit his 42nd HR, and Chase Utley couldn't add his 22nd.

What did happen, though, was Mets SS Jose Reyes hit three HRs bringing his season total to 14 with 59 RBI.  Coupled with his 49 SB and .299 AVG, I'd vote him the NL MVP.  (To boot, he has 23 doubles and 15 triples leading to a .496 SLG!)

The improvement is astounding!  He has also walked 40 times this season in 482 ABs.  A 12:1 ratio is not good. but, considering he only walked 27 times in 696 ABs last season and 45 times in nearly 1200 career ABs,  this year's exponential increase is a signal of even greater things to come.

He is the NL MVP.  Derek Jeter is a legitimate contender in the AL.  Jose Reyes blows him away with his much more obvious contributions and energy.

From a fantasy persepctive, Jose Reyes is in Carl Crawford territory.  What is that?  Top 5 in mixed league drafts and $50 in NL-only auctions.

I've got to start clearing space.