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Getting Ready

After perusing various rankings of the different postions, I turn my attention to two areas I want to spend as little time on as possible - defenses and kickers.

These are the two fantasy positions I consider to be the least predictable and, as a result, the worst places to use high draft picks on.  (TE is close but.....not.....quite......there.)

It is not unusual for me to enter every draft with the intentions of drafting one K and one Defense with every reserve spot occupied by a QB and multiple RBs and WRs.  (Sometimes beer ruins the best of intentions.)

Because my strategy always involves picking Ks and DEFs late, I focus on the teams and players who will likely be available late in the drafts.

I taking last year's standings and fish amongst the losing teams to determine which ones are likely to benefit from more favorable 2006 schedules as a result of poor 2005 results.

And when those are determined, I'll check those team's kickers, too.  

If my theory holds, then those poor teams will improve solely based on less challenging schedules and that improvement should trickle down to the kicker in the form of more points scored.

It is a simple tool, but I am not prone to in-ink projections on things I have little control over.