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Sleeper Stolen Bases

As we round the turn towards the end of the fantasy baseball season, a handful of stats here and there can make the difference between winning and losing or winning more or winning less.

Saves and Stolen Bases are two categories I always look towards to help me gain a point or two at this point in the season.

These categories are the easiest to control because the players who get saves or stolen bases are clear and predictable (to the extent any of that is possible), and every player doesn't get them as they do with the counting stats like HR and RBIs and the ratios.  

Yesterday, the Pirates put OF Nate McLouth on the DL and recalled OF Rajai Davis.  Davis was currently leading the International League in stolen bases with 45 amongst players still in the league.  (BJ Upton had 46.)

He begins as the 5th OF, but his excitement may be catchy, and, on perennials losers, that is often the ticket to more playing time.

Even if he only pinch-hits and -runs, he could still be good for a handful of SBs.  if he gets more time that that....