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Fantasy QBs

Yesterday's New York Post has a great article on fantasy QBs.

The author, Drew Loftis, hit upon the truth related to this season's crop of QBs.  

It is that Peyton Manning may not be better than Carson Palmer and that the the next group is so undifferentiated that one should not reach for one of them in the 5th or 6th round.

There's so many second-tier arms, why reach too far to grab Matt Hasselback in the 5th when you can wait until the 8th to get someone nearly as productive

Amongst value picks are some of the same ones I see - Steve McNair, Chris Sims and John Kitna.

And, yes, my defintion of "great" is "the same opinion as me."  (What would make his article even greater is if he did even less research than me to come to that conclusion!)