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Shawn Green

This past weekend Diamondbacks manager, Bob Melvin, announced that RF Carlos Quentn will play regularly over incumbent RF, and Nine Million Dollar Man, Shawn Green.

Fantasy leaguers who draft minor leaguers said, "Finally!" and quickly followed that up with, "When is Chris Young coming up?"

When that does occur, the D'backs will have a core of young hitting talent (Conor Jackson, Stephen Drew, Carlos Quentin and Chris Young) that will rival the more-hyped Dodgers' core (Russ Martin, Andre Ethier, Matt Kemp and James Loney).

Regarding Shawn Green, I could not help thinking the D'backs are giving him the same treatment San Diego gave Phil Nevin when he refused to waive his no-trade clause.

Hopefully, the break-up will be more respectful.