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Jeremy Sowers

Indians rookie starting pitcher Jeremy Sowers threw another 6 shutout innings in his 4th major league victory.  With 24 Ks in 58.2 IP, his K:BB ratio carries much less meaning.

What does have meaning is his 3.53 ERA.  That is the type of AL ratio that puts Sowers in the Top 10 of the category.

Recall, however, that he began the season with three of his first four starts being disappointing-to-poor.  He was 1-3 in 22.2 IP with  18 ER and 34 runners.

Remember this as you evaluate whether or not to pick-up Astro's rookie starter Jason Hirsh or Twins' rookie Matt Garza.

Both will likely improve over the remainder of the season as they must if they remain in the rotation.  And frankly, their ratios are so high that they could imitate Jaime Navarro and still improve off their major league debuts.)

The question to be answered is how quickly they will do so and whether or not your team can withstand the growing pains.