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Unimportant End of The Draft Post

The New York Jets lost to the Tanpa Bay Bucs 16-3 in both teams exhibition opener.

Given teams do not play their first string much, nothing important can be said about Bucs QB Chris Sims.  However, the Jets did give extended time to 20-Yd Bomb Pennington.

And he did not dispel any beliefs that he's going to be a viable fantasy QB.  9 completed passes for 54 yds is not going to cut it.

Worse, the entire Jets teams completed 22 passes for 141 yards.

In the Lions/Broncos game, Denver 1st round pick Jay Cutler received extended playing time and produced at a noteworthy level - 16/22 for 192 yards and one TD.

When other teams are picking Chad Pennington as their 2nd QB, I'm going to be looking at Cutler and hoping for the always anticipated Jake Plumber meltdown.

Also of note is Lions third string QB Dan Orlovsky.  He led a touchdown drive.  Not a huge deal but for a 3rd string-2nd year QB, it is progress.

With John Kitna and Josh McCown ahead of him, I can see events turning fortuitously for the UCONN alumni.  At that time, Orlovsky may surprise and become a decent pick-up.

Because, eventually, all those skills draftees of the Lions will produce, and, when they do, their fantasy owners are going to be in position to surprise.