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Daunte Culpepper

The Miami Dolphins have caught a nice break with the news that QB Daunte Culpepper will start this weekend's first exhibition game.

Apparently, the team didn't throw away yet another 2nd round draft pick on a bum.  (See the 2005 2nd round pick sent to Philadelphia for AJ Freely and the 2004 one sent to St. Louis for Lamar Gordon.)

What makes this interesting for fantasy football purposes is the generally indistinguishable second group of QBs available after Colts QB Peyton Manning is selected.

Given that, I have little doubt Culpepper is going to be the second one taken in many drafts assuming a.) he remains healthy and b.) Carson Palmer still has questions about his knee come draft time.

FWIW, SI and ESPNranked him 10th.  Needless to say (yet I will!), those rankings must be adjusted.

Culpepper's success will also lead to WR Chris Chambers being upgraded from 8th and 5th, respectively.

And with enough hype, TE Randy McMichael will improve his lot some -although reaching on TEs shouldn't be too much of a worry by the time you're selecting one not named Antonio Gates.

He is currently ranked 13th and 9th