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Matt Garza

The Minnesota Twins called-up top pitching prospect Matt Garza.  He has rocketed from High A ball to the majors this season with successful stops at AA New Britain and AAA Rochester.

Now he brings with him the hopes that he can pick-up where the injured Francisco Liriano left off and keep the Twins in serious play-off contention.

The most encouraging sign for his continued success is summed-up nicely by Chris Kline at Baseball America:

The most impressive aspect of Garza's season is that with each promotion, the 22-year-old righthander maintained his success. At Fort Myers, he went 5-1, 1.42 with 53 strikeouts in 44 innings; then put up 6-2, 2.51 numbers in 57 innings at Double-A New Britain and allowed just 20 hits in 34 innings in the International League, going 3-1, 1.85.

I do wonder, though, whether or not the sample size at each level is representative.

I am also concerned about how the Twins missed by so much on his ability as demonstrated by his beginning the season in High A.

If these concerns turn out to be well-founded, then I would not be surprised to see Garza struggle, and with that struggle, will go the Twins fans' hopes for baseball this season past October 2nd.