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AL Trade Grades

These are my quick and dirty grades for each team for the July 31st deadline.  I am typing these in the Brandon, VT Public Library.

With access only to ESPNNews via the Dish Network and USA Today, I expect to miss something.  If so, the team can bring it to my attention and I'll make the appropriate changes.

Yankees:  A++++  Gave up nothing for Bobby Abreu, Cory Lidle and Craig Wilson.  I can understand why some people hate the Yanks - the rich get richer.
Red Sox:  F  Hoping to stay ahead of the Yanks after their highway robbery 31st is unrealistic.  Bryan Corey just.....doesn'
Blue Jays:  F  Running Hillenbrand out of town and having to add a middle reliever for a middle reliever...
Orioles:  F  Exactly what does this team need Kevin Millar and Jeff Conine for?
Devil Rays: B-  Joel Guzman is a very nice prospect, but he is an OF and the Rays already have too many.

Tigers: B  Sean Casey gives them some left-handed hitting ability, but has little to offer in terms of pop.  Gave up nothing to get him though, and can still recall Shelton.
White Sox: F  Mike MacDougal?  Not enough to fend off the Twins and Yanks/Red Sox
Twins: D Got something for Kyle Lohse, but no hitting upgrade.
Indians: A Shin Choo was a nice pick-up.  Hector Luna doesn't do anything, but Shapiro deserves an A for recognizing he was out of it.  And now they have a 21-year-old Low A catching propsect!
Royals:  A Grabbed Ryan Shealy for nothing and got mid-level propsects for the nothing that passed for major league players.

A's: C  Sometimes doing nothing isn't bad.
Mariners: B  Broussard will produce.  The M's are willing to pay $3+MM for it.  The Indians are not.
<Rangers:  A</b>  Carlos Lee was the best player acquired, and the team acquired a starting pitcher who isn't a rookie in Kip Wells.
Angels: F C'mon!  The team couldn't top the Yankees offer of Shawn Chacon for Craig Wilson?!?!?!?!?!?!?!  That is just plain laziness.