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Unexhausted Weekend Observations

Trade rumors are not in full swing.  What is are talks about there not being any big deals in the works.  I

 disagree somewhat.  Jeff Weaver and Eddie Guardado were two established, previously valuable fantasy players, who may turn out to be valuable this year.  And if they become valuable in fantasy, then they will have proven to be valuable in real baseball.


I wondered earlier in the week why Logan Kensing was pitching in the 5th inning and what that means for Randy Messenger when Joe Borowski is dealt.  Today's New York Daily News may offer an explanation.

In a column about My Space and profiles that match the names of major league players, Logan Kensing is noted.  MySpace says he likes to drink and loves the smell of bars at midnight.

If true, maybe this behavior has affected his work habits and caused evangelical Christian manager Joe Girardi to doubt Kensing's devotion to hard work.


Today's Futures All-Star game proved again to be the best part of the All-Star.  (Q: How do you know when none of the major league festivities have occurred? A: Exactly.)  Expect it to overshadow its major league brethren within a couple years - if moving the game to Sunday, the last day of regular season major league games before the ASB, doesn't already proof this has occurred!

There is little interest in the All-Star game amongst adults and the professionals who write about and shape the image of professional baseball.  This will be further reflected more and more in the mainstream press.  Right now, I've seen it expressed in a couple of ESPN Chats in this form:

Q:  Are you attending the All-Star Game?
A:  No, but I will be at the Futures game.

And who knows?  It MLB can't stop this, maybe Baseball America will be able to drop it's yearly subscription price from $82.95 per year through higher circulation.


Mike Pelfrey was better than Jose Lima (can't boldface him) on Saturday.  With four walks and a hit batter and a self-confession of nerves, I am willing to see another start before passing any judgments.  Or better put, changing my opinion that he could be helpful this season.