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Saturday Follow-up

Last weekend Unexhausted Weekend Observations touched on the following players.  Let's see how prescient I was.

Following my blurb on Matt Kemp, he went 2-12 with four strikeouts and no HRs, which extends the drought begun on June 15th.  There is nothing to indicate he will recover from the adjustment the league has made to him.

The Mets have DL-ed Pedro and will start Mike Pelfrey.  He could do better than Soler so that is something, and if he can do better than that, the Mets may not need to add another play-off starting caliber pitching, but I'm not holding my breath..

Bartolo Colon tossed a shutout on Wednesday.  His nadir looks to have been reached just prior to that performance.  Another good one and he won't be available at a discount.

Nevin is still a Cub and still bad.  1-7 with 4 whiffs does not endear him to regular playing time.  Now if the veteran can adequately play left field or shortstop, his chances of retarding younger player development would increase as Dusty Baker retains only that skill.  (When is Neifi Perez going to start playign some OF?)

Alex Rios was released from the hospital yesterday.  Watch how quickly he gets back into a game and how much of his strength was sapped, if any at all.  This will determine how quickly he returns to the starting Blue jays' line-up.

So far so good.