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Eric Gagne

Unfortunately for Eric Gagne, he has two herniated disks which may need surgery to alleviate.

What I found as interesting in this morning's LATimes'Dodgers Report was this:

Gagne awoke in pain Tuesday, shortly before he was to fly to Atlanta to meet with a physical therapist about his elbow.

But there wasn't a report about his elbow at all.

I know it seems nitpickey.  After all, Gagne is now going to have to deal with a bad back going forward and that is the major news.

What I am beginning to sense about Gagne is a Rob Nenn situation - injury report followed by injury report followed by not pitching again.  

I can't read any injuury update out of San Francisco involving trainer Stan Conte without thinking of Stan the Caddy from Seinfeld and all the wisdom he imparted to Kramer during the court trial. Update [2006-7-7 21:55:7 by Eric Hinz]: Gagne will be out for the remainder of the season due to surgery for a herniated disc.