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Victor Martinez

The Yankees revenged the drubbing administered by the Indians the previous evening, and, to add salt to the wound, they stole six bases in the 11-3 blowout.  (And Melky Cabrera hit a grand slam!)

What I found interesting was the six stolen bases and not because any of the players who swiped them (Jeter, Cairo, Phillips and ARod) are on any of my teams.

The reason those swipes stand out is the Indians catcher, Victor Martinez.  He has been horrible throwing out runners - worst in the AL amongst starting catchers (9-61), and those six swipes signal to me that VMart is about to become the Mike Piazza of the American league.

This means Kelly Shoppach, acquired over the winter, won't be flipped my initial reaction to the trade)to a team like the Rockies who need a good catcher in return for a 1B like Ryan Shealy or an outfielder like Jeff Salazar.  (Never mind the emergence of C Chris Iannetta in Colorado making that catcher unnecessary.)

Sometime soon, Shoppach will get every chance to be the regular catcher with VMart transitioning to 1B.  This makes Shoppach a good gamble for as few FAAB dollars as one can use to land him.

With full-time ABs, I'd expect him to put up numbers similar to John Buck in Kansas City - 15 HR .250 AVG.  Those aren't too bad from a catcher at a low single digit price tag.