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Atlanta Braves

How to the Braves improve their last place team?

Do they hope for a change in luck - for themselves and their competitiors?  (They go nowhere unless their gains are their competitiors losses)

Do they make changes on the margins like trading for Eddie Guardado or Brendan Donnelly or Roberto Hernandez?

Do they make major changes like dealing for Reggie Sanders or Craig Wilson?

Or do they make radical changes and deal Hudson, Jones, Giles and/or someone of that ilk?

With the Braves seemingly having won since Pearl Jam broke on to the scene, this will be one of the more interesting July developments.

Personally, I'm for radical change as I believe the Braves are done as a play-off team.  Too many years of penny-pinching has resulted in a  situation where they cannot recover to the elite levels Braves' fans have become accustomed.  The situation is analogous to a business neglecting R&D.  It can continue on momentum build-up previously, but eventually it will be surpassed by those firms focused on reinvesting in its business.