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New Orleans Saints

I was alerted to this development in this week's print edition of The Sporting News:

MLB Alfred Fincher played sparingly as a rookie last year, but the Saints are giving him an opportunity to make that proverbial second-year leap. Over the past month, Fincher has been working heavily with the first-string defense. He will still face some competition from veteran LBs Jay Foreman, Tommy Polley and Colby Bockwoldt, but the Saints like the versatility of all three and would ideally like to use them as movable parts. Fincher is a true middle linebacker, but, like most rookies, he struggled to adapt to the speed of the game and didn't earn enough confidence from the coaching staff to crack the lineup. Fincher made some contributions on special teams but did not record a tackle on defense. Still, he said the difference between last year and this year is incredible with his knowledge and comfort level. He has handled the signal-calling duties well and has apparently earned some faith from his new coaches.

Why?  Because a possible new signal caller on defense will make the Saints' D worth drafting?  No.  No D can make enough changes from the prior season to make it draftable when it had not been.

I note is because Alfred Fincher was a 3rd round pick in 2005 out of....UCONN!

(Maybe I should have gotten a Saints Fincher jersey instead of the Detroit Orlovsky one?)