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Alex Gordon or Brandon Wood in 2007

A very interesting diary has been posted over at minorleagueball.  The poster asks who will have a better 2007 - Kansas City 3B Alex Gordon or LAA SS Brandon Wood.

I find it interesting because Alex Gordon will likely be one the Opening Day roster while Brandon Wood goes to AAA Salt Lake.  (If Howie Kendrick can hit 12 HR in half a season there, imagine what Wood is going to do!)  

Because Gordon will have the entire year to accumulate stats, his numbers will be better than Wood's and thus the "better" 2007 option.

However, by 2007's end, I expect to see both players in the majors and, at this time next season, the decision on who is better will be that morph's into one based on more than who opened the year with the big club.

FWIW, if I were the poster, I'd take Gordon and then deal him mid- to late-season next year for Wood+ as Gordon's established professional record will be worth more than Wood's unknown one.