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Trade Deadline Wrapup

Sorry for lack of posts today, I decided instead of posting a lot I would just sum it all up in one post, or at least try.  Also, these are in order from, bottom to top.

Rangers get: DH/1B/OF Matt Stairs
Royals get: RHP Joselo Diaz
Guess this was a give-a-little-get-a-little trade. I don't see this helping either club much, but then again I don't know much about Diaz other than he is a right handed pitcher

Rangers get: RHP Kip Wells
Pirates get: RHP Jesse Chavez
See above.  Don't know much about Chavez and Wells hasn't pitched well(no pun intended,really).

Padres get: INF Todd Walker
Cubs get: RHP Jose Creda
Maybe Walker will play third, Maybe he will play first, I don't think he will play second.  He will probably play third, I forgot about Adrian Gonzalez. Once again don't know much about the prospect in question.

Tigers get: 1B Sean Casey
Pirates get: RHP Brian Rogers
The Tigers sent down Chris Shelton to make room for Casey.  Casey should be an upgrade defensively and offensivly, Shelton had two good weeks, thats all.  Don't know anything about this prospect either

Mets get: LHP Oliver Perez, RHP Roberto Hernandez
Pirates get: OF/1B Xaiver Nady
Not bad for the Mets, actually pretty good.  Hernandez was playing for them last year and did good, and Perez was great in 04.  The only thing I don't understand is why the Pirates didn't ask for more.

Yankees get: 1B/OF Craig Wilson
Pirates get: RHP Shawn Chacon
Wilson has pop and can also play catcher.  Chacon hasn't been his 05 form.  Once again why didn't the Pirates ask for more, or something different at least.

Cardinals get: RHP Jorge Sosa
Braves get: RHP Rich Scalamandre
As a Cardinal fan, I'm not that excited.  I haven't heard of Scalamandre and I can't think that Sosa is anything more than Jason Marquis, except Sosa comes from the bullpen, and we will see more of him than we will of Marquis.

Philles get: RHP Justin Germano
Reds get: LHP Rheal Cormier
Cormier has been very good this year and will help the Reds immensely.

Twins get: Zach Ward
Reds get: Kyle Lohse
Lohse hasn't been good this year.  Hes been bad, some might even say terrible, so I don't really like this trade for the Reds.

Royals get: 1B/DH Ryan Shealy, RHP Scott Dohmann
Rockies get: LHP Jeremy Affeldt, RHP Denny Bautista
Gets the Rockies some more pithcers and the Royals get some prospects, kinda have to wonder if the Rockies can/will make a serious run at the NL West.

Dodgers get: RHP Greg Maddux
Cubs get: INF Cesar Izturis
Wow, I really didn't think Maddux would be traded.  Izturis is probably playing shortstop with Ronny Cedeno moving to second.

Dodgers get: Julio Lugo
Devil Rays get: INF Joel Guzman, OF Sergio Pedroza
I think the trade will work well for both teams, I just don't see where the Dodgers will play Lugo.

I think I got it all, if I missed something tell me please.