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From Ball&Chain Coffee Shop in Brandon, VT

Yesterday's Abreu trade was stunning.  Not only did the Phils get nothing in return relative to what they gave, the Yankees were the beneficiaries.

I can never forget the screwing Arizona GM Jerry Coangelo adminstered to the Yanks when he traded Curt Schilling to the Red Sox for squat - Brandon Lyon, Jorge De La Rosa, a used diaper - after reportedly asking for Alphonso Soriano and Nick Johnson from the Yankees.

Now the Yankees were on the recieving end of such an offer.

Imagine the Yankees line-up at the end of this season.  It will be as if the Blake Street Bombers moved to the East Coast.  (I wonder if Yankee Stadium turns into a hitter's park soon.  It wasn't long ago that Jacobs Field was considered such.)

If you are in need of Wins, any Yankees pitcher will have to get a slight edge, all things being equal.

And this line-up is a preview of the 2007 squad.!


Jonathan Broxton picked up a save on Saturday.  Without access to the local LA papers, I had no idea why.  Saito then saved yesterday's game, so there doesn't appear to be a imminent change in closers at Chavez Ravine.


I expect big trades by dinner time tonight.  Thank God for satellite television and radio.  I will at least be able to slake my addiction to baseball news.


If the trade offers from the Astros to the O's for Miguel tejada are correct, then MLB must step in and take the O's franchise from Peter Angelos.

Roy Oswalt, Morgan Ensberg and Adam Everett?  I can't help thinking I'm missing information on Ensberg.  What is wrong/what did he do?


rg scorch - Excellent job.  Keep it up!