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Abreu, Tejada, and More

Bobby Abreu is rumored to be close to going to the Yankees for 20-year-old C.J. Henry and 25-year-old Steven White.  If the Phillies do make the trade the Yankees are supposidly eating the whole contract.  Cory Lidle could also be in the deal.  If the deal does go down I could see Abreu batting 3rd, 6th,or even 9th.  Third and Ninth both let the Yanks have potentially 3 "Table Setters".  Any way look for Abreu to score more and drive in more.

The Rangers have their eyes on Miguel Tejada and Jon Lieber.  I believe that neither of these deals will happen and you have nothing to worry about.  I don't think Tejada or Lieber will be moved.

Zito will not be moved, may not be breaking news, but thats just what I think.  It would throw the A's out of the race, IMO.

No clue what will happen with Soriano, but for kicks I'll say Angels.

Before I leave MLB Trade Rumors says Lidge for Blalock.  I don't think this works for anyone because that gives the Astros too many 3rdbasemen and the Rangers get another declining closer.