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Cleveland Outfield Plans 2007

I entered this season under the belief that the Indians will be replacing Casey Blake after this season

Heck, I entered with the belief Blake was a prime trade candidate come this time of the year.

However, this morning's Cleveland Plains Dealer reports this:

Shapiro believes this versatility [Choo's ability to play three OF positions]gives him a better chance to add an impact player through trade or free agency before the start of next season. If the player is a first baseman, Blake and Choo can go back to the outfield, Blake in right with Choo as a platoon option at either corner. Should the Indians acquire an outfielder, Blake could go to first, while Choo would stay in the outfield.

My beliefs were mistaken.  Casey Blake is clearly in the 2007 plans of the Indians.

This also says something about the development of the Tribe's AA & AAA outfield prospects.

If only I had known Blake was going to have such a good season....