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How to Win the AVG Category with Adam Dunn

I have found myself atop the AVG category in my NL-only 12 team league for the past several days.

This is noteworthy because I have had Adam Dunn all season and, while his HRs and RBI provide his value, his AVG usually lands him on everyone's list of 40+ HR hitters to avoid.  (As if that list is long enough to allow for excluding any 40+ HR hitter!)

I knew going into my draft that I had to be cognizant of Adam Dunn's "ability" to suppress my team AVG so I'd have to avoid, if possible, loading up on the .260-.270 hitters of the NL.

(Also, I figured I could deal Dunn mid-season to a team who needed HRs if my team AVG was suffering too much.  It's not only chicks who dig the longball!)

What I did not anticipate was his current .261 AVG.

I did my best to get high-AB/high-AVG hitters (.285+) to mitigiate Dunn's damage.  (In this case, his high walks lower his ABs and make those high-AB hitters more effective.) Unfortuntely, this is an NL-only league, and there is no Michael Young or Ichiro Suzuki available.

The "luck" involved with Dunn's higher than expected AVG was all that was needed to allow my high-AB/high-AVG players to carry me to the top of the AVG category.

What?  Are you saying you need luck to win the AVG category with Adam Dunn on your team?

Answer:  Only if my personal experience is applicable.