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Wilson Betemit Traded

The Braves have dealt Wilson Betemit to the Los Angeles Dodgers for RHP Danys Baez and 3B Wily Aybar.

While I doubt the wisdom of dealing Betemit, the Braves are clearly setting themselves up to compete this season and to bring Baez back in 2007 as the closer.

As long as Chipper, Renteria and Giles remain injury free, Wily Aybar can fill the role of uber-back-up infielder that Betemit did - well.

The Dodgers get a 25-year-old hitter who looks to be breaking out.  The issue is where does he play?

Right now, he goes to 3B - until Adam LaRoche is ready. ETA whenever the Dodgers feel like recalling him.

SS is out.

2B Jeff Kent was extended through next season.

1B Nomar Garciaparra has done nothing to lead anyone to believe the Dodgers won't bring him back.

Position issues aside, I beleive the Dodgers got the best player in the deal and that is always a good thing in any deal.