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Testing, Testing, 1 2

My testing post.  Since Eric stole the story(alright fine, maybe I just need to wake up before 11), I'll tell you alittle about me.  I'm gonna be a sophomore in high school.  My favorite teams in the three major sports are the St. Louis Cardinals, Cincinati Bengals, and the Indiana Pacers.  I'm in four fantasy leagues, three Yahoo! leagues and a league.  Some sites I check daily, aside from this one, are Viva El Birdos, Cincy Jungle, MLB Trade Rumors, The Hardball Times, and Aaron Gleeman's site.  And in my leagues I'm 3/10, 7/12, 1/6, and the other is a roto league I don't quite understand, I like the head-to-head leagues better.  I look forward to blogging for Eric and maybe starting my own sometime in the future.