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Yankee Homer

Joel Sherman of the NY Post is the best sportswriter between the two New York dailies, but this doozy at the end of his "Trade Deadline Confidential" article is....lacking.

He writes:

If the Yanks eventually land an outfielder and have to move someone off the roster, do not be surprised if Bubba Crosby ends up in Florida. Marlins manager Joe Girardi, the Yanks' bench coach last season, was one of the key voices in the organization who believed Crosby could be a full-time player. Current Marlins center fielder Reggie Abercrombie is one of their few rookies who has not played well this year. His .215 batting average was the worst for any active NL player with at least 225 plate appearances.

1st, it is not a trade rumor.  It is conjecture based on Girardi liking the unproven Bubba Crosby last season.

Bubba has had enough exposure to demonstrate that he cannot take ABs from a younger, more-skilled Reggie Abercrombie.  The issue is whether Girardi still believes what he thought versus what he can now see.

2nd, Joe Girardi is not in a position where his track record would allow him to retard the development of younger player by playing older ones a la Dusty Baker.

I wish Mr. Sherman had decided to guess about what would land Carlos Lee in the Bronx than trying the Crosby filler.

Something like....geez the Yanks don't have anything the Brewers need.  (There is more than enough outfield depth amongst Corey Hart, Gabe Gross and AAA OF Nelson Cruz to make Melky less attractive.)