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Julio Lugo

The Tampa Tribune reports the Devil Rays are going to make a long-term contract proposal to Julio Lugo because:

The apparent move makes it evident the Rays are serious about trying to sign Lugo to a long-term deal.

Really?  I thought they were doing it as a negotiating tool buttressed by this quote from GM Andy Friedman:

"We believe that it is in the best interests of the team and Julio for us to fully explore a long-term contract, especially as the Monday trade deadline approaches."

There is no other reason for the Rays to try to get a contract signed within three days except as a negotiating ploy - with other teams.

Certainly Julio Lugo doesn't gain anything but not shopping his services in mid-November 2006.

As for AL-only keeper leagues, someone will kick themsleves for not bidding Lugo to his full 39 SB value seeing 1.) he'd stay in the AL and 2.) his SB totals were for real and now he's going to hit 20 HRs!