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Indians-Mariners Trade

Here's hoping the Mariners are correct in their assessment of Shin Choo.

With double digit HR power and 30+ SB potential along with a decent walk rate, he can be haunting the Mariners long after pure-platoon 30-year-old 1B Ben Broussard has departed.

Pure platoon?  Oh, yeah 6-46 versus lefties would do that.

The Indians intend for Choo to be their starting RF against right-handers for the remainder of the season.  A 45-game tryout can result in 5 HR and 10 SB.

As for the Mariners, Broussard is reunited with Eduardo Perez in a DH-platoon.  There is always the chance the M's move Richie Sexson to Dh and put Broussard at 1B, but I expect that to be a rare occurence.

As a result, I expect Broussard to play slightly less frequently than the platoon would dictate due to the occasional blow managers give players in the DH slot.

Update [2006-7-26 20:0:29 by Eric Hinz]: Keith Law of ESPN demonstrates again why he is the best of the talent assessors behind the Insider wall:

But the real issue here is the continued moral hazard at work with a GM whose job is widely believed to be at risk trading decent prospects for marginal major leaguers. The Mariners are in last place and they are 34-48 within the American League; they're a bad club and not a playoff contender in any sense but a mathematical one. They continue to make bad decisions with their roster and with parceling out playing time, some of which is on the GM but a good chunk of which is the work of manager Mike Hargrove. This is not a club that should be trading prospects for complementary players like Perez and Broussard.