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John Maine

Mets' spot starter John Maine threw seven more shutout innings this afternoon with seven strikeouts.  

Following the nine he threw in his prior start, Mr. Maine has gotten his ERA down to 2.45. In 33 IP, he also has 27 strikouts and 10 BBs.

If Mets manager Willie Randolph is having a true competition for that 5th starts' spot, John Maine just won it.

Mike Pelfrey is the Bonus Baby so he may still retain it, but I'd love to see him move to the bullpen and throw gas for a an inning or two every other day!

I hope Maine's start prevents Mets' GM Omar Minaya from trading prospects for middle-to-bad starting pitchers.

I'd much rather see a power arm in the bullpen, and given the previous prices paid for middle relievers, it will either cost him Royce Ring or Lastings Milledge!

(Probably more fair would be 1B Mike Carp.)