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Wilson Betemit to the Yankees

Today's NY Post reports (or should I have put that in quotes?) that the Yankees are after 25-year-old breaking-out Atlanta uber-infield back-up Wilson Betemit and offered RHP Scott Proctor.

Am I an idiot or does this seem to be an utterly stupid move based on the Braves needs - money and a quality hitter to fill-in for the oft-injured Chipper Jones and Marcus Giles?  The Braves are 5.5 games back in the wildcard.  Dealing a 21-year-old low A catcher for a proven closer is a lot different than dealing an emerging major leaguer for a 29-year-old enjoying his first statistically-successful major league season.

Or do the Yankees really need a player to sit everyday while ARod, Jeter and Cano play everyday?  Do they need to deplete the bullpen for that type of player?

Also included to the article is a report of what the people in the Yankee clubhouse believe was offered for Bobby Abreu:

... the team turned down Proctor for Abreu straight-up with the Yankees absorbing the $23.5 million left on Abreu's contract through next season...

Am I the only one who read that and thought that owner in every fantasy league who makes offers that cause you to think their intellectual ability has not progressed past the K-A-T stage?