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A Taker For Odalis Perez

Dodgers' GM Ned Coletti found a taker for Odalis Perez - the Kansas City Royals!

All he had to do was include two High A RHP, Blake Johnson and Julio Pimentel.  And cash.

In return, he received Elmer Dessens, a member of the 2004 & 2005 Los Angeles Dodgers.

The Royals must have picked-up a good chunk of the remaining cash on OP's albatross of a contract.  Or should I say the Yankees did via revenue-sharing.

I like the trade for the Royals.  They've added two arms to the system and a pitcher who, despite, his horrendousness in 2006, is not far removed from numbers that would make him the ace of the Royals.

Maybe that type of ego coddling is all Perez needs to become a pitcher worthy of a $27 MM contract.