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Alphonso Soriano Trade

I so enjoyed posting commentary on the Mike MacDougal trade and then having to update the post that I'm back at it.

This time I'll take a stab at the Alphonso Soriano trade.

The initial conjecture was Brandon McCarthy as the main piece going back to our nation's capitol.

Within hours, White Sox GM Kenny Williams was on ESPN radio saying unequivocally that McCarthy was not involved.

At some point Josh Fields, the former Oklamhoma Stat QB and current .900+ OPS AAA slugger, got involved.

Kenny Williams shot that down, too.

At this point, Brian Anderson seems to be the logical candidate to go to the Nationals despite his struggles-filled rookie campaign.

The Nationals could use pitching, and yesterday's MacDougal trade demonstrates that Kenny Williams is willing to deal minor league arms.

Sean Tracey seems like a nice one.  he's had a couple sips of major league joe and had to deal with that ass of a White Sox manager, Ozzie Guillen, in a beanball controversey.

Plus, he'd replace one of the righty side of the middle relievers that were dealt to Cincinnati.

That should be enough, but I'll add a couple names that could go - Ryan Sweeney or Jerry Owens.  Nationals' GM Jim Bowden's outfielder-philia would likely compel him to get a minor league one, and Sweeney has spent a lot of time a a highly-touted OF prospect who has failed to drive the ball.  Owens has speed and the subtraction of Soriano would leave the Nats with none.

So my conjecture based on Kenny Williams being a straight shooter and the White Sox winning the Soriano Sweepstakes is Soriano for Brian Anderson, Sean Tracey and either Ryan Sweeney or Jerry Owens.

(Maybe this will alreayd be old by the time it posts?)