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Unexhausted Weekend Observations

Mike Pelfrey finally gave fantasy owners what his WHIP and K:BB walk rate in his first two starts (1.72 & 0.86) would have indicated - a bombing.  Yesterday, he put 9 runners on base and gave-up 5 ER in 4.1 innings.

I like him and take encouragement from the 3 Ks and one BB yesterday, but he has to stop putting an average of nearly two runners per inning on-base to be a fantasy asset.


Adam Jones, on the other hand, is beginning to look like he will stick with the Mariners and, if that occurs, then he can help fantasy owners.  I am aware of the risk of basing these decisions on small sample size (also applies to Pelfrey), but he has gone 7-17 since getting off to an 0-10 start.

Overall, he has stole two bases, walked twice and struck out 5 times.  All numbers that pro-rated over the remainder of the season should result in a fantasy plus  (The ks won't be so high as to send him to the bench.).  I would like to see a little more power, though.


Chris Duffy has stolen 10 bases since reporting to the Pirates' AAA affiliate in Indianapolis.  With the Pirates in trading mode, there exists the possibility that an outfield job will re-open.

If Duffy hasn't burnt a bridge to the ground, then do not be surprised to see him recalled and given enough playing time to swipe 5-10 bases over the remainder of the season.


Elijah Dukes had yet another run-in with a coach in AAA Durham.  His combination of on-base skills and power (around .400 OBP and .500 SLG respectively) would have him in the majors if not for serious personality issues.

Given a chance, I'd expect him to produce at the major league level.  Unfortunately, he cannot overcome the aggression inherent in his personality.  Given he is 6'3 240lbs of muscle, he is not helped by the average man being 5'8 175 lbs of flab.


Back to the decomposing equine.  If the Astros are in need of offense, they should bring back Jason Lane.  He is a better bat off the bench than Orlando Palmeiro or Eric Bruntlett.

It is laughable that even has to be written.  There must be something unreported that caused the Astros to make such an asinine move.