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Sleep On It

Man, my AL-only league is stuck in a state of indecision.  No one wants to trade any middle reliever for anything.

It is an odd situation as the middle relievers being asked for are not named "Joel Zumaya", the closest thing to Francisco Rodriguez circa 2004.

A team bailed for Chien Ming Wang who will either go to $11 or finish his current contract of $6 - for Scott Kazmir, John Lackey, Dmitri Young and Mike Sweeney!  

No better poster child for a veto than that.

Merrill Hoage reported that he does not think Tennessee QB Vince Young will ready to play in fewer than two years.  He went so far as to state he will never be ready.  Billy Volek has 8th round steal written all over him!

What does Tim Kurjkian mean by "extremely close"?  It's been 6 hours since that was reported on ESPN and still nothing on the Soriano deal.

Melky Cabrera stole his 8th base tonight and is only a homerun away from the cyc......................zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz