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Mike MacDougal

Update [2006-7-24 16:48:0 by Eric Hinz]:The Royals recevied an additional prospect, 19-year-old Daniel Cortes - 107.2 IP 96 Ks 38 BB 109 Hits.

ESPN is reporting that the Roylas are close to sending closer (soon-to-be middle reliever) Mike MacDougal to the White Sox for AA pitcher Tyler Lumsden.

I hadn't heard too much about Lumsden so I went to check how he is doing this year, and I was shocked.

How mediocre Lumsden was - a 23-year-old in AA with 72 Ks in 123.2 innings along with 40 free passes.  Yes, he has a 2.39 ERA but AA hitters are not AAA ones are not major league ones.

If I had granted any benefit of the doubt to Reds' GM Wayne Krivsky, it is gone following the Wickman trade, the Scott Williamson one and now this.

Clearly, the market for middle relief is not in a bubble.  Now Krivsky knows how Time-Warner shareholders felt when AOL bought them.