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Borowski Not Being Traded?

Today's Palm Beach post reports Marlins manager Joe Girardi averring the Marlins are done trading for the year.

This easily leads to the conclusion that 35-year-old reclamation project Joe Borowski will not be dealt.

A bad move in my opinion, but a move nonetheless.  Maybe the Marlins want to keep up the excitement that only the NL can generate for a team seven games under .500 on the 22nd of July?

However, a little later in the article, this:

But Girardi said there's a chance Borowski won't see as much action in September because the team will want to see how their young relievers do in save opportunities.

Jumpin' Joe Girardio's first substantial stab at negotiating in the press is an utter failure.

No organization would be so stupid as the keep a 35-year-old reclamation project for only one month's (August) worth of work when it can likely obtain a young CF prospect.  (Would the White Sox deal Brian Anderson for Borowski?)

Geez, if I can see through it, I know someone whose livelihood depends on this type of insight should also.