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Pittsburgh Pirates

Accoring to this morning's Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, the Pirates organization has deemd rookie RHP Matt Capps as untouchable.

That sounds implausible for an organization looking at decades of horribleness?  Here is the quote:

His success since has left the Pirates with no choice but to pass along word to other clubs that Capps is not available as the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline approaches.

Recently, at least three general managers are known to have contacted Dave Littlefield regarding Capps. Each of them was told in no uncertain terms that the subject of trading for Capps would not be discussed.

"It's not something that has taken me off-guard," Capps said of his distinction as one of the few players the Pirates have deemed untouchable.

I like Capps as his control with the Pirates is consistent with his minor league numbers (5 BB in 52.1 IP with the Pirates vs 6 BBs in 77.2 IP in 2005)

But given the futility since the end of the Bonds days, the Pirates shouldn't cut-off any avenue that would lead to improvement.

The 2006 trading deadline meme that middle relief is dear makes this the perfect time to take advantage of that foolishness.

And this doozy from yesterday's edition?

The Pirates likely have fallen from the pack of teams trying to pry 1B Ryan Shealy from Colorado. The Rockies are believed to be seeking a young relief pitcher for Shealy, but the Pirates are unwilling to pay that price, especially in the form of rookie RHP Matt Capps

Ryan Shealy should already be a Pirate but for continued mismanagement.