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Saturday Follow-Up

(Last Week's Unexhausted Weekend Observations.)

Adam Jones hit .231 on the week and is now 3-20 with a double and an RBI.  I am slightly encouraged by his 3 strikeouts.  At least he is making contact.  I am closer to admitting he may not be as overmatched as I thought.  

Being wrong will be good for me as I have him on my minor league roster in my AL-only league - the 8th overall pick this past minor league draft!  Kind of like betting on the team playing your favorite team and that team loses.  You still win!

Melky Cabrera homered this week, which helped increase his SLG to .377.  As important as the continued improvement is his ability to drive the ball are the three SBs this week.  The Yankees have gotten a third legit major league player from their "weak" farm system over the past two seasons.  

I haven't seen any Oakland trade rumors that do not involve Barry Zito, and those are only stimulus-response reactions to any sportswriter typing "trade".  (I'd have written "S-R" but didn't want commenter Hinz57er having to explain what that abbreviation meant.)

The Royals had a difficult week as two of their more tradable players went on the DL - Scott Elarton and Reggie Sanders.  With the inconsistent trade market, the team could have gotten nothing - typical Royals - or new GM Drayton Moore could have made a deal that didn't invite universal derision!

Nick Punto has been a utility player revelation for AL-only leagues and has continued his hot hitting this week.  He was 7-17 this week with 6 RBI and 2 SB.  With eligibility at every position but C and 1B along with an everyday job and a .319 AVG and 9 SB, he is playing at a $15 level in AL-only leagues.

I wondered whether his walks would continue.  At 7-17, it isn't as important but he did take three walks.

Jason Tyner, though, did not steal any bases this week, but he hasn't gotten an extra-base hit either.  His 6-20 was the definition of empty - .300 AVG/.300 OBP/.300 SLG with no RBIs.  He did score six runs, so the typical 5X5 player isn't too disappointed, though.