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Milwaukee Closer

Dereck Turnbow finally blew his chance to keep the job as the Brew Crew's closer.

Since the announcement, fantasy teams everywhere have begun to grab the relievers in the Brewers 'pen.  Gone are Matt Wise, Jose Capellan, and lefty Brian Shouse, he of the one save a coupel weeks ago.

Forgotten is former Brewer's closer and sabremetric un-favorite Dan Kolb.

Whilst taking care of business and leafing through the current issue of ESPN, I heard Mark Gray on XM Radio's MLB Live Weekend say that Dan Kolb is the new closer.

I'll be heading over to my Yahoo! leagues and picking-up Dan Kolb.

If your're in need of saves and lost out in the midnight run on Brewers arms, I suggest you do it, too.

Just keep a short leash.