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Football Sleeper

With training camps set to open next weekend, I am going to begin to wade into some fantasy football prep.

I read this in last week's print edition of The Sporting News

One of the most-watched players in Lions camp will be second-year QB Dan Orlovsky.  He will go into camp as the No. 3 quarterback because back-up Josh McCown has the experience to step in if something happens to Jon Kitna.  But offensive coordinator Mike Martz likes the physical skills of Orlovsky, who has the perfect blend of cockiness and coachability

Wow!  With McCown and Kitna ahead of him, there isn't aaaaaaaany possibility of Orlovsky starting is there?

Actually, I only wanted to post the positive blurb about a fellow UCONN matriculator, and something that makes me believe my Detroit Lions Orlovsky jersey won't be a....collector's item before Opening Kick-off.