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Sleep On It

I know it is basbeall season, but I am slowly mapping in my head my drafting strategy for fantasy football.  There will be 16 teams which means 16 QBs which means 16 left in the pool which means....

The trading season has had significant movement to the NL - a 25 HR 3B and two closers.  Jeff Weaver, on the other hand...  Not to mention Kearns and Lopez changed teams intra-league.

Who will be the next Indian shipped out?  If the team does trade-off more pieces, their starting pitchers are going to be risky for wins.  1st, from the unproven bullpen and then from a weakened offense.

Adam Jones looks overmatched.  2-17 with 1 BB and 3 Ks makes me think about Melky Cabrera's aborted 2005 tryout.  Has Jones misplayed any flyballs into inside-the-park HRs for a slow outfielder yet?

With negative points for missed FGs should I put more "certainty" into the kicker I draft or just pluck one at the end of the draf..........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz