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Brett Tomko

The Dodgers are going to bring Brett Tomko back as a reliever, and he is excited about the change in role.

According to the LA Times, he is aware of the success converted starters have enjoyed - Eric Gagne, Dennis Eckersly, Tom Gordon.

This is great news for the Dodgers.  If Tomko succesfully transitions to middle relief, the team will have little need to spend $5+ MM per year on a quality middle reliever reliever in the off-season.

If he does not, then nothing lost.  He's still Brett Tomko -  a middling to poor starting pitcher.  And those have legitimate value nowadays.

I thought this move may have occurred last year with San Francisco following Benitez' injury.  So much so that I grabbed him from the pool in my NL-only.

It did not happen, but I landed the San Fran closer anyway when I picked-up Tyler Walker from the pool.