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Sleep On it

I was surprised to see Frank Thomas leading Eric Chavez in HRs, RBI, and AVG.  There are Chavez owners in AL-only leagues who are struggling as a result.

How much longer can the Rockies expect to compete with Barmes getting on-base at a .260 clip?  Would Troy Tulowitzki be enough of an upgrade?  Can the Rox expect Jamey Carrol to continue at his current pace?  Does he fizzle at just the wrong time?

The Twins could use a 3B and an OF.  Maybe Joe Randa from Pittsburgh?  Not sure I'd buy anything expensive if I were them, but Randa looks like a perfect fit - a sure upgrade and low-cost.

I pick 11th in the SB Nation Fantasy Football League.  I may be forced into a reach at RB.  At least, I'm not picking 16th.  Then I'd really be reach.........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz