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Trade Rumors

Today's Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports the Pirates are interesting in the Rockies superfluous 1B Ryan Shealy.

Why, other than to prevent themslevels from doing something fiscally reckless with Sean Casey, would the Pirates think they can get Shealy?

The Rockies are known to need bullpen help, and the Pirates feel they have plenty of that to give.

Oh, the damage Wayne Krivsky has wrought!

Roberto Hernandez!  John Grabow!  Saloman Torres!  All these middle relievers can now get a 30/100/.300 minimum salary player!

I don't think the Rockies would be so foolish to just pick-up any not-horrible middle reliever to pitch in Colorado.

How long has it taken them to put a rotation together that does not regularly get shelled to the tune of a 5.50+ ERA?

Shealy should bring to the Rockies exactly what they need - a 2B and/or CF and/or multiple midlle relievers.  All of which should be fiscally-sound.