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Sean Casey

Sean Casey says the Pirates have not apporached him about a contract extension.

I am not sure I believe him because that would mean the Pirates are doing something smart and that would not be within the realm of typical Pirates behavior.

The impression I have from everything I have heard, seen and read about Mr. Casey is he is a great person, and maybe in an unfair world, a nice guy finishing better than last is OK.

In baseball, though, he has to produce, and 1B with single digit power on last-place, small market teams do not do that.

I felt this way prior to his broken back which should effectively end any chance of double digit HRs, and I wouldn't be surprised to see him reduced to the level of struggling to crack 5 HR.

If I were the Pirates, I'd deal him to the Giants, who apparently like the combination of age and de facto aged-performance, for Travis Ishikawa or Lance Neikro.

Eiter player could play first.  In the case of Niekro, keep it warm until a viable 1B emerges from their system.  For Ishikawa, he could get a chance to play next season, and if he doesn't cut the mustard, then he can keep the postion warm.

Either way, the Pirates do not waste millions on a 1B who can be expected to be the worst hitter in the infield, and, if Paulino continues to hit,the worst everyday regular.

Avoiding that financial burden should be one of the main considerations for the Pirates organization.