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Colorado Rockies

The Rockies recalled slugging 1B Ryan Shealy last night.

He has absolutely nowhere to play with Todd Helton at 1B and no DH, but he will make the Rockies are stronger team late in the game with his ability to hit a HR.  

I will never forget Luis Polonia pinch-hitting in the World Series against John Wettleland - fastball down the middle after fastball down the middle until Polonia took it for a ride - to the warning track and the final out.)

In deep NL-only leagues, teams could do much worse than Shealy as their final hitter.

I expect the Rockies to do something about centerfield also.  Jorge Piedra played there last night, but he has dealt with plantar fascitis.  No one should expect that experiment to last despite the promise of power.

In AAA, the Rockies have a centerfielder named Jeff Salazar.  His on-base skills dwarf those of Cory Sullivan, admittedly a low bar to hurdle, and his defense is considered good.

I considered him a sleeper this spring until he hurt his elbow and missed the next three months, but he is back now and doing as well as one could expect -264/360/392.  (And better than any current Rockie CFers.)

I'd be shocked if he did not get the call in a  few weeks.  As a Colorado Rockie, he merits attention.

And that .360 OBP is Giambi-esque relative to the OBP of Cory Sullivan, Choo Freeman and Jorge Piedra.