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Unexhausted Weekend Observations

Adam Jones started Friday and Saturday and went 0-7 wth a walk and a strikeout. I'd accept those BB:K ratios but he'll need a better AVG to stick.

Melky Cabrera continues to produce.  His OPS over his last 67 ABs is .918.  A small sample?  Yes, but those ABs represent more than a third of his 2006 total.

If the Yankees do trade for Bobby Abreu, Melky will have to continue his career as a full-time player somewhere else.

The A's sent Dan Johnson to AAA when Milton Bradley was activated from his latest stint on the DL.

After a promising rookie campaign, I'm sure he has been a part of many poorly performing fantasy teams, at least in keeper leagues.

I am surprised he was sent down.  The A's stuck with him through the worst of April and May, but he rebounded to hit .321 in June with a .400+ OBP and +.500 SLG.

Maybe the A's are showcasing an outfielder like Keilty or Payton?

Was Royals GM Drayton Moore asleep when the Reds dealt Kearns and Lopez for middle relievers?  Or did he read about the deal and notice his day brighten considerably?


The Twins will be playing Jason Tyner and Nick Punto in CF for the length of Torii Hunter's DL stint.  

There should be some SB potential from that duo, but HRs will be rarer than a fresh kill on the Serengeti Plains.

I wonder if Punto maintains his leap in walk rates with everyday playing time.