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2007 Fantasy Sleeper

If the stock market can push the January Effect into December, then I can push 2007 sleepers into mid-season 2006.

I have thought about the Red/Natspos trade. (Much more than is healthy for an MBA, married father of three should.)

I like the deal for Kearns, but I doubt he will be anyone's sleeper after he goes 30/100 this year.

Felipe Lopez was a sleepr last season.  I went to $5 on him (minimun bid:$1) Whether I can say he was one of 2005 sleepers is difficult as I do not fully recall - if I am to be honest.  (If I were being "politican honest", then of course he was!)

The player I like as a 2007 sleeper is Billy Bray.  He was drafted in the 1st round in 2004 with the hopes he'd quickly rise to be an effective major league reliever.

More important, though, he is in Cincinnati behind Eddie Guardado - a lefty closer that can pave the way for the Reds to feel comfortable with Bray doing the same.

All that is dependent upon Guardado being successful, and Bray doing the same.

However, six months before discussions of 2007 sleepers get into full-swing, I am comfortable putting Bray at the vanguard.