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Who's A Better Player?

In fantasy sports, there are always players whose reputation/hype exceeds their fantasy value.

Derek Jeter is the one who stands out the most.  Strip away the fawning accolades from Steinbrenner employees and those whose livelihood depends on continued access to Steinbrenner employees, and what you've got is a .300/15/70/20 SS.

Valuable, no doubt, but not what anyone would expect from a $30/2nd rd player.

I became aware of two firstbasemen.  One fititng of all the hype and another...unfitting?

Fit Player:     .270/.323/.490 17 HR 47 RBI 5 SB 27 K 80 BB

Unfit One:      .275/.315/.478 16 HR 44 RBI 0 SB 18 K 60 BB

From my perspective, the 5 SB are the only difference.  

Are those five SB worth the extra fantasy teams would need to pay in a trade for the Fit Player, Prince Fielder?  Or would fantasy teams be better off acquiring the Unfit One, Adrian Gonzalez?

Fielder may in fact be a double digit stolen base threat, but I wouldn't pay for that from him.

Nor would I pay for the ROY hype surrounding him, either.

And in keeper leagues, I'd be as happy with AG.  He's likely carrying a lower salary (either $ or draft round) and can still be had for less than it would take to acquire Fielder.

And whenever, you can get equal value for less cost, winning teams do it.